17 July 2009

Natural Mandala

"Between Green Eyes..."

There seems to be some blue...




Kyddryn said...

Ohmuhgoodness...those soft petals just beg to be touched...and the leaf...cradling the flower, a shoulder to lean on, so comfortable...

Is it wrong that I want to lick that droplet of water from the leaf??

I do adore your garden, Sir...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Felinae said...

Very, very pretty, my friend.

I love the soft coloring of the center sunflower, it is almost a variation of turquoise.

On the third sunflower, if I look closely at the center, I can see a trinity knot.

You know, now that I look at all 3 of them again, I can make out the trinity knot in the center of all 3 sunflowers. Do you see it?


Sylvia said...

Wow! Your garden is blooming. Those sunflowers are astonishing! I love sunflowers.

JennyMac said...

gorgeous pics!