30 June 2010

Whoa!! Where Did The Time Go???

I Didn't Realise It'd Been So Long Since Posting Here!

Well, I just returned from a ten-day camping trip/ Summer Solstice Festival out at the magickal land of Wisteria. I'll no doubt be posting extensively in the days to come about Wisteria itself, of the new friends and friendships-- and more-- that were born of the journey, and some of the wonderous music that captured and accompanied me on the ride.

To that end, I would like to lay gratious thanks to the members of the group SPIRAL RHYTHMS. I was able to attend the event by posing as genuine roadie, occasional cabana boy (sans cabana, but hey... it's magical. IMAGINE it!!!), and overall gopher-- er, gofer, or whatever they call indentured servitude these days and ages... but, I digress...

Spiral Rhythms played three different sets at the Wisteria Summer Solstice celebration. The following video was shot during their 'laid-back' set, whence they take audience requests. A young man requested "PELE RISING", and then proceeded to do a beautiful dance...

I'd left my primary video camera back @ camp, but shot this with my primary photo camera.

I hope you folks enjoy, and will come back to hear and see more about the trip and other things swan-spiring. In the interim, please explore the music of the following folks:

Momentary Prophets-- my favorite 'new' find this year!!!

Kenny Kline-- great Celtic Folk man!!!

Incus-- truly a journey...

Slainte, folks!


10 June 2010

Speaking Out To Nowhere And No One

I've Always Enjoyed The Quiet Solitude Of Night

Watering a garden is one of the ways I enjoy night solitude. Another is to sit and... Well, SIT, to put it Zen, out-of-doors nights. A third yet is to dream...

I love watering a garden by the moon's light. In Austin, Tx., auto lights from 24-hour traffic on Lamar-- and, honest to behesus more sirens than a city four times the populace-- Helped shine on summer showers. I used ambient city light when I gardened in Houston. A streetlight outside might help me with my front bed tonight.

Sitting at night... The fireflies making Kingdoms in the treetops yonder; an unsettled bird causing havoc amongst nestling ken; tires on a road distant but not enough so...
And scents of evening rain and composting leaf and vines yet ripe; sounds of huntings squirrelish and vole-ventures and kitty cullings...

Dreams... dreaming of the day the light that shines on my garden is not the city's ambient but only universal Mother and Father, only Sun and Moon-- light of Strength and Warmth and Energy-- not of watts and colorlength and lumens... Of sitting-- nae, SITTING, on a porch with fiddle crooked and flowing, with flute riding the wind, with drum bassing beat pulsing the dream-beat...

It's quiet tonight, folks. I'm not plussed.

How nice it is, and rare it should not be in ANY life...
I do have a garden to water! HA!!!

Slainte, everyone!


08 June 2010

natural witch

love when it proves...


I toss a stick out on the water's surface. It floats.

I see all the dragonflies

lounging on the sunny side, sipping


the larvae abottom, feeding on

wood and plankton

and fishies keeping population watch...

Slainte, folks.

04 June 2010

A Decade Ago

Give Or Take A Few Days

My thoughts waxed poetic thus:

Wanting it too much
aching so severely
fearing I might
drive away the actuality with
a hungry look superceding
the calm confidence needed to captivate

Hope lies only in chance that
certainty be simultaneous
It leaves no room for
pushes past
any doubt

Slainte,folks. I wish I knew...