31 July 2009

I Think I'm in Love...

“When we're incomplete, we're always searching for somebody to complete us. When, after a few years or a few months of a relationship, we find that we're still unfulfilled, we blame our partners and take up with somebody more promising. This can go on and on--series polygamy--until we admit that while a partner can add sweet dimensions to our lives, we, each of us, are responsible for our own fulfillment. Nobody else can provide it for us, and to believe otherwise is to delude ourselves dangerously and to program for eventual failure every relationship we enter."

--Tom Robbins

THE most original author to come along since those folks that made up that bible... If you've not read him, you ain't read. Make ya think, laugh hard, and wonder what blessed karma he had to incur such an original Muse.
His metaphor and simile are so original that I can't think of anything original to compliment it on.

This quote is not typical of his novel writ. A friend of mine found this link of quotes from the man who was treated like a rock music Icon in his chosen home of the Pacific Northwest [United States].

One of the more potent, or pertinent, things I read into the words is we only 'search' if we are incomplete, but the futility of it... [Reminds me of that drawing from M.C. Escher, the stairs or whatever... but let me end digression here--]

The one we are searching is NOT going to complete us; only WE are individually capable of completing the task, pun intended.

I'd really like you to opine in here, folks. What do ya think?

Ever read the man? What of this "series polygamy" statement?-- I think he meant polyamorous via a string of monogamous bents.

Anyhow-- I love the man's writing, his novels [hey, any book titled FIERCE INVALIDS HOME FROM HOT CLIMATES wins merit on title alone! Ha!
And I wanna know what you think of his quote...

Slainte, People.


29 July 2009


Tell me wordlessly
explain what you want done
Show me silently
You'll take what I give

Incline your head
incline your hands
light in your eyes
makes no demands
But speaks of dreams
and can't hold still
because they see
they'll be fulfilled

jim aka cygnus



26 July 2009


It's approaching four A.M. here. I've been out, watering the garden.

Generally realizing...


Sitting, on haunches, amongst the sunflowers and the okra.
Looking at tomato 'bushes' (vines that have been trained upward...) that approach five feet in diameter, and easily four feet 'tall'.

Training the winter squash vines to utilize unused sunshine-space.

Thumping the watermelon, still intent on adding flesh.

Coaxing the cucumbers to beat winter frost...

I like this idea of having a splot (spot ant plot, combinatively...) of land, and the time to work it.

I enjoy having no Thing and no One Else to answer to; no timeline (save weather/season-related); no task or chore save the leaves, the drip of water, the scent of humus...

I see the attraction, as an abode, to the faerie, and for the Gnomes... for, what a beautiful spot to live; what beauty to be charge of...

I like, in short, the ALONE. The Contemplative Time.The peace, the quiet, the uninterrupted... the SOLITUDE.

I'll come in and join you in bed soon, love,

Right now I need some star time...



24 July 2009

Black Panties...

With An Angel's Face...

Freya's Day, and I like to think that a black skirt...

Might have, somewhere underneath....

Some small silk collectible that's all fresh and cherry-magnolia scented, is baby-skin soft, and...

Would fit nicely into a small but growing collection...

Of Magical objects...



23 July 2009

might oughta make the most of it...


What if there is no after-life
no heav'n, no hell, no "thing"--
no Elysian Field, no ripe
grain bursting forth? No spring
of wisdom from which to draw deep;
no sun, no moon, no stars,
nor Karmic Debt to sow and reap--
save NOW in which you are?

jMc aka Cygnus

Slainte, folks.


19 July 2009

Meditation Moon's Day...

Water, Flowers and a Lady...

And a more definitive view, more... Earth-bound...

pretty color zinnias...

Pretty relaxing... ha!

Slainte, Folks...


18 July 2009

I'm In LOVE...

With you, Lady, and I don't even know your name...

She was Solo Rider on a Harley Davidson. Her jeans were faded a beautiful light blue, wrapped around very tight, muscular thighs and one of the best.. ah, 'seats' I have ever seen ride the wind...

A pontyail streamed out from the helmet.

An absolutely flat midriff , tan and tart, lay exposed by a high-cut top. [No piercing. Hmm...][ And I don't know about a wedding ring-- her little knuckles were glove-guarded...]

She's speeding up...
Wind flowing.
Signals flashing--
A change of position...

I'm behind her, she riding on, me in steady pace behind...

Eventually I have to get off... of the highway.
She ...
She has a beautiful... Ride. She does at that...

{The Alan Jackson vid was embed-disabled-- but give this a full listen-- you'll be rewarded with what is obviously a foreign but none the less very COOL accent, and some incredible solo multi-instrument performance!.
Is that not the COOLEST violin you've seen since Stradivarius???}



17 July 2009

Natural Mandala

"Between Green Eyes..."

There seems to be some blue...



15 July 2009

"I'm Gonna Getcha Getcha Getcha Getcha..!!!"

Even if I needs wait until I'm ninety, M'Lady...

Something about Blondie on my musical mind of late, so just ride it out with me...



10 July 2009

A Meandering Thought

I have this vision.

I've chosen a path, and some ways not too distant along it I seem to be achieving a high amount of success.
But( you knew that was coming, non?)...

But it isn't the path I want to be on...

I'm wondering what that might say about where I want to be...

I suppose it could contain just as much success, but... the standard of mneasurement is somehow ... different. Not so .. mainstream.

So, I guess that makes the chioce easy...

Slainte, Folks.


07 July 2009

Yee Freakin' Ha

I should have been quaffing Guinness at the Chieftain in San Francisco tonight.

I would have been meeting with a fellow blogger and his wife... would have been headed out tomorrow morn-- out of the city and into the redwoods, or along the sands, or kissing in a roadside rest area somewhere between Reno and Hawaii! ha!


I'm not.

Irony of ironies-- the one I was to meet tonight... as gone as the one who was to carry me to said destination...

Both just as gone as "the morning found the [Winter] wind..."

I'll miss you most of all, woman...



05 July 2009

Animals in the Garden...

The Guardian Of The Gate to the Garden

and The Watcher Of The Pathway Thereunto

Mostly don't bother this strange ol' bird
("THESE kitties don't wanna eat no swan!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!")

when he lurks around their hunting ground...

The garden's slowed fruiting in the heat of high Summer--
--over 104 on the thermometer yesterday early in the afternoon-- focusing on slow, strong, vegetative growth. Come fall though, I'll be glad the new seedlings went in when they did-- the way weather is so mild her, I'll be eating okra
and peppers

and squash into mid-November or better...

No, your eyes do not deceive you, nor is there any trick of light here-- these two distinct melon colors are from the same vine:

When you plant a seed from a hybrid-grown plant, this is your result-- the very next generation's seed begin reverting to characteristics of either parent seed... interesting scientifically, and provides a variety of tastes-- granted an unpredictable variety, but variety none the less!--off of one vine!

This has been a rambling post, and my bent is that gardening is part of the Natural Magick of Mother Nature, so I don't see it as out-of-place to leave you with some images of that beautiful Bounty in progress...

Slainte, Folks!


04 July 2009

Ten Things

SENSED today...

  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Frogs
  • a split-skin second-generation hybrid melon
  • "Marco! " "Polo!" on the winds...
  • Running water...
  • Gasoline
  • Earth-- wet, fertile garden Earth
  • Kitten fur...
  • Cold Sun-Tea on a parched tongue...
Slainte, folks...