23 December 2009

22 December 2009

To Be So Needed...

Um... did We Leave Off??!

So Very Rude Of Me...

Slainte, Folk.

By the way this is still the night of the twevlth. I's still pre-posting.

It's still WAY too much fun...

So, I reserve the right-- in fact it'll likely prove near my duty-- to edit. You know-- add a photo or three the post-preposting won't be able to account for-- no matter how Pagan-Prescient I prove! HAR!!!

All that, and we still have more Burton a'comin' I hope!!!



21 December 2009

Having Fun...

And Pre-Posting! HA!

As I type this, having freshly imported from youtube some filmgod clips,
it is a week or approximate before you'll ever read it.

Now, with trips past, I've jinxed self and round by stating in advance where I'll be.

See how I beat it this time?!!

No, seriously, folk... I think Burton is a GENIUS. I absolutely adore Nightmare [and that dark-haired goddess played opposite Depp in Scissorhands-- but that's another blogerfodder...].

And really... when you read this, I hope to be somewhere much nearer my mom, sister, and nieces.

And Flower...

And I sincerely hope everyone is having a wonderful season, and I hope that I am, too! HA!

I mean... REALLY...


And I will be, Volk...

And so will you..

Merry Season, People...



20 December 2009


For the longest time, I have known-- have felt-- it time to recontinue with good, "structured" spiritual practice, exersize, and development. At the same time, I've sensed not the time nor space proper.

I'm going to start now.

The living space I am now-- as of the last two days (and for indefinite numbers of ones to come)-- sharing with another was already blessed, guarded, circled... you know... PROTECTED.

Yestereve I stood out -- in the dark, I think, but mighta been dusk-- in the yard. The yard I talked to at Samhain. The yard am now free to play, dig, plant and generally BE in...

I stood and gave thanks-- thanks to That Land Which Is Bigger, to the Mother. To Earth.




I was welcomed home. No, read it right, Folk:

I was [am] Wecomed Home.

Down through the Motherenergy to her Daughter the Land Energy i were brought. And the CIRCLE revealed to me, for me. I could feel it, envision it. I know it now.

Because roots were set. I felt them. Down, and firm, and secure.

Winters with no leaf; summers with no fruit.


That HOME.

Slainte, Folks.


12 December 2009

Everyone Ready... For THISTLE?

For Thistle and Seamroc?

In t-minus25 and counting down...!!!



Born To Play...

And THIS, Folks, Is What I'm Talking About!!!

Boundaries non-existent, save for the razor's edge 'twixt life and Over There.
And the perspicacity and physical prowess, nae matter number summers alive, to be the one who says "[They] exist here, for me. 'Till I move them, sure..."

And the gut to MEAN IT.

Slainte, folk.


10 December 2009

Still Learning With The C-813...

So, Anyone seen a Red Sky At Night???


Me neither...

Slainte, folk.


08 December 2009

Language Evolution

And A Silly Bird's Decline! hHAR!!!



06 December 2009

Turning 100

I Noticed...

The next post will be the triple-digit Premiere for Pagan Swan [yes, the title is, and has always been, a play on words].


Well, maybe I should proffer the song that has been in my mind since the truckamping daze, and seems to pretty much sum up what I think about you caring how I roll, yo...

I'm not saying societal standing is not important... Well, okay-- I AM.

Why the hell we aren't all pursuing the soul-dream we are here to pursue is oft beyond me-- especially when I am guilty of not doing it myself, those hours I trade labor for green paper to do societal taxation things like insurance with... in other words when I'm working and wondering why the waste of life for existence.

I will be soon, folks-- pursuing Soul Dreams.

I'll be called silly. I'll be labeled irresponsible. A slacker; a DREAMER, even! [How DARE he!!]

But... I have learned to check that smarmy, oft-stupid logical-but-denying vocce of my own subconscious. That one that stops the majority of adulthood from achieving perfect bliss of dreampursuit.

Why did YOU let go? And, more importantly, why are you still clinging to the ground???

Slainte, folks.



Should Be Dosed.

[um... some jokes, volk, are mine alone. 'member?]

The new one in my mind.

1. I do.

2. five hours and one spider... that's all the picture from c-813 I could muster.

[gods, i never thought i'd say it like this, but...]Where's the BOB???

um... yeah. uh, never mind...



02 December 2009

If You Fall...

Just Change Colors
Seems to be the leaves' bent

Don't grow Mouldyor Shellfish
You could stand up, cast shadow, and provide compass for a friend
[UMPH! Seems we got one out of place!! Hi, Kitten!!! ha!]
Or, y'know, just chill with some greenery...

So, you know...
Leaf well enough alone to lay where you've fallen.

Or, um...

NOT!!! zheesh!

And, well, I figure no night would be complete without a fuzzy pussy in your face, so...
Slainte, Folks!