09 November 2011


I went down the ravine back yard way, down off the property line and into some of that very rare space in ... well, anywhere in the world, really; that rare space of unspoiled wood, of dead trees left standing where they stand and alone to return the borrowed energy and physiology to the elements. I went down past the Bent Tree, remnant of a by-gone era where travelers based routes on accessibility to water; Bent Trunk pointed the way.

It was down by the water I was headed, drum in one hand, to Sit. There's a small rock shelf-cum-waterfall provides a great meditative Flow.

I sat for a second. Or hour. You know; time as a clock concept mattered that much.

I sat. Leaves fell. Peripheral vision as well as focus points were alive with Seeing-The-Wind-- leaf-snow. All these little Leaf-souls, drifting, this time of year, back to play blanket for the roots of their bearer-tree.

I caught the rhythm of the Fall, and the Falls and falling, and the drum began to beat. One small leaf, some minutes later, demanded my attention, and I watched her drift from near the canopy-top down, down, downey-down, to rest, stand-outish, on a mossy rock. Outside of their life or consciousness, I sit like a god who sees their cycle for the beautiful symphony life and death must certainly be.

They MUST, else we would not have chosen incarnation.

They simply MUST, I say...

Slainte folks.


06 November 2011

All Wet Behind Ear!

Slainte, folks. Been a while.

I've been wanting to get back on blogger for a few months now, but the writing I refuse to force. Some will come, as I have this polyamorous thing taking a lot of thought-time, and many of those likely will find their way to text. But not just yet, the writing I mean.


Not coincidentally, I'm sure (as I don't so much believe in it by definition), I had the following tune bridging my unconscious-conscious mind during Morning Shower, and a l'il led lit above my gray matter...

I've got some pondering to do before Green Rose [my Ohio girl] wakes up. And will continue to work out this new possibilities' dynamics with Kyddryn.

WOW, what a circle. . .

Slainte, folks.


28 June 2011

I Drummed Until My Hands Swelled So Bad My Fingers Cracked

And That Was On Towards The Second-To-Last Night

Some of the best drumming in my [this] life, this Summer Solstice.

I left the bodhran by the fire too long one night; the crossbar split and the riveted head detached, so I invested my drumming time with a rim drum-- an ashiko. It was quite a different experience...

Much less mobile-- I had no strap, no carry. So I sat more than is my norm whilst drumming. I did oft on a log, oft on knees mounting the drum.

There were "firecracker" drummers all around me-- women and men that I will be sycophant to my entire remainder on Momma Earth-- and it was an absolute BEAUTY to find a pulse amongst these Kin.

Pulse I found, and kept. And found I could variate, could flirt with, and still keep pulse for Drummers like Raven, and Chris [LOVED bein' your pulse-podna, man!], and Steve, and Kasey, and Bongo Bob, and...


Oh, YEAH-- l'il ol humble ME.

When I selected band as an elective class in Jr. High, the only seat available was trumpet. I took it, and pinched my lips the entire time I played. I wanted percussion; I wanted to DRUM.

I DID this week. I found myself.

One point, for some immeasurable stretch, I was THERE. I heard EVERY DRUM. I beat my hands in time, and as I heard every other drum there I stopped TRYING to fit in; I stopped THINKING about what I was "trying" to do, and found my-- no, no; found THE pulse. I WAS the pulse... I wasn't trying-- I was THERE contributing.

That's powerful shit, my people. So powerful, I tell ya, I saw a Bright Being bridging another Dimension. But that's another story...

I've drummed for better than 70 hours over the last week and a half. My hands need rest...

Slainte, folks...


18 February 2011

Chief GreenBud

Some GREAT Points!

One of my Facebook acquaintances shared this link; it sent me on a cool pot-parody musical journey!!!

Even with the arrival of Sprout-- new daughter here at Casa de Crazies-- I'm gearing towards much more blogging, both HERE, where I'll be delving into the polyamorous relationship which came to be for me, Flower, and Lady Green (and her J...), AND at My Song, where the 'new family' stuff will go down. Oh, I'll post a picture or three of daddy's l'il pagan princess from time to time on PagansWan, especially when I get some of Saoirse in Godmother Ra's arms!-- but I'm also wont to spend more time on the 'alternatives' aspects of this blog-- the Pagan, the Poly... the Parenting! lol! Guess they really never will be stand-alones! [Not if I'm doing my job, anyways! ha!]

ANYHOW...More soon, folks! Hope you enjoy the video, and enjoy following the leads therein!!!



p.s. Tried to link to Flower aka Shade and Sweetwater, and My Song, but having issues /w blogger/explorer communicati...

02 January 2011

And Today's Cards Say...

Shit, tell me something I DON'T know...

Slainte, folks.