31 May 2010

Looking For A Great Pagan Retreat?

Gonna Be Near Baton Rouge,Louisiana, Anytime Soon?!?

Visit This Place:

We found a nice spot to set up camp in this Coven's beautiful grove with all of our gear garnering shade from mid-morning 'till dusk [West is to the upper right of this photo, taken about 1000 hrs local]:

We met strange, new critters...
A Druid's Sanctuary, this old Grandfather Oak bode a personal bodhran-meditation:

A dock at the far Northern corner of the grounds shows the beautiful local geography:
There's a hell of a lot more, but I was home late this morn and started the electronic addiction that is internet and wasn't two blogs down my resading list when Blackbird Singing posted the following video:

The weekend at Baton Rouge: The hospitality of the host, Cliff; the beautiful music of Spiral Rhythms; the sheer relaxation...

"Evolution", indeed...

Slainte, folks.


25 May 2010

But, It's The Little Things that Complete The Circle

Sure, The Obvious Are Easy To See...

This last one you might have to click on the picture to zoom in enough to see...the ant.

Flies and gnats traipsing on lillies and morning glory leaves/weeds as I'm trying to trying to photo-capture kitties; ladybugs on potato plant flowers, ants on the hunt for aphids and nectar...

Bountiful garden, all the wild things say!!!

Slainte, folks!


24 May 2010

Looks Like The Flyers...

Will Meet Chicago!!!

I'm a hockey fanatic, folks, and a Great Athlete/Player fan. [True ones combining love for their sport and an humble recognition of their Gods-granted athletic Gift.]

Can't wait for the upcoming Freya's Days' first battle!!!



So, Chicago Is In...

And In A Couple Hours,

We'll know if Philly will be the Eastern Conference joiners-in, or if they gotta hold off the Canucks for another night or two, or give it up in three...

Slainte, hockey folk!!! And all non-, too... :D


22 May 2010

Georgia Reniassaince Festival: My Pictoral Tour

Their 25th Anniversary Year

I gots more, folks, but... I can't show you all the eye-candy in one bout, now, can I??!

More soon!



08 May 2010

Wordless Walk

Around The Garden-Yard Today:

Slainte, Folks...


02 May 2010

Required: Small Sacrificial Hair

No, That's Not A Mis-Spelling...

Most of my body hair does remain intact, despite this weekend's lighting of the Ba'al Fire...

I'd show video, but that takes too long to download to blogger. Look for it in an upcoming episode of "SwanBeMe", mayhap; otherwise, gawk at pictures and let me go back to sleep!!

Slainte, folks. Hope you all had a merry Gods-joining-Goddesses weekend...