26 November 2010

The Best Of Goodbye's

Everybody Left Fat-Full!!!

We had a pleasant gathering yesterday-- me, Flower, her ma, my mom, a little bird. Oh, and the evil genius, too...

And a lot more good food! Um, NOT necessarily in that order!!! HA!!! Ah well...

The trip home began for my mom this ante-meridian. And with her went...

Rorschach. One of our outdoor, ah, ferals.

Oh, yeah. A mean one, this. Been seven-year-old-boy-toted about the yard since a kitten, and eateth more canned food than our indoor kitties! ha! NO KITTING! HA!

Which, pun aside, is one of the benefits of her finding a loving home-- needs not brave the elements nor soon-to-arrive advances of tom-toms...

I could say I'll miss her-- and might. But... We got SIX other outdoor kitties, seven counting the one big Tom we call Multiplier-- and FOUR indoor kitties. And...

I want a puppy. Which is another post altogether. In a year or three...

Or thereabouts...

Slainte, folks!!!


22 November 2010

Well, It Aint "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

But It WAS Pure Improv!!!

Thankee, Auntie Ra, for the nursery tunes idea; thanks to the Winds for whistling through the pipe...

Thank you for not pointing out the off-key. It's raw, and REALLY so am I on any flute. And the Turtle didn't have the high note anymore than I did! HAR!!

Slainte, folks!!!


16 November 2010

I Love You, KiKi...

And Your Heart Is My Home...

I just don't wanna be indoors right now, you understand? It's not a reflection on you; just let my sorry-ass self be alone for a while.


01 November 2010

Upon Departing...

Another's Blog, I Think I'll

Leave a comment, or some clue. Who am I, or 'was' I. Whither didst I come from; where goest me?

And above all-- Why?

'Why, Santa? WHY? cried l'il cindy bohoo...'

Who the hell knows? We've all seen #'s change over the millenia we been bloggin, all wondered the same-- frome where, to whuh?

Next time I 'quit' a blog-- somethin' I've done mayhap thrice in near 200 follows-- I think I'll leave note why. Justo remind m'sef' if naught else.

Swan's $.02

Slainte, volk!