28 October 2009

Remnants of Eden...

Breakfast Contest!

One-up me (I'm the judge) and I'll video a personally created poem for you right here on this blog...

My entry:

Home-grown, garden-fresh
Okra, deep-fried

Scrambled eggs


Whadya mean you can hear the southern drawl in the typing?!? We don't got no drawl in Tejas way...



24 October 2009

Continuing Theme

One-Inch Punch

[In Four Steps]

I said last night I needed first to still the mind-body. Because... I wish to gain more efficiency in action. And

Stillness precedes Motion...

Motion precedes Speed...

Speed precedes Power.



23 October 2009

Still... There Is THAT...

Bonjour folks! Cygnus here-- under a roof for a change. Not sure about the stuffy air these things necessitate one sleep in-- am trying even now to get sufficient draft to use the Sylphs' fresher offering-- but the whole running water on demand cannot be overlooked.

I'm going on a roadtrip in five days. Yet another running-water-supplied covered shelter.

Almost gonna feel like a regular thing, I'm not careful. Which kinda leads to the words offered me (thanks, Caliope!) for topic today: getting my thoughts and words back in good order.

But... first things first.
STILL THE MIND-BODY. [And yes, it IS One thing...]

I leave in four nights for four days of Samhain Celebration (a first for me, spending any Sabbat with other Pagan folk...).

Four days. No city noise. No traffic.

No insulation itch! ha!

Still. Breathe, and Still.

Slainte, Folks.


17 October 2009

Greetings From Galveston

I'm sitting in the sands looking straight up. Cygnus the celestial Swan is directly overhead. Mother ocean pulses...breath deepens...

The smile widens...

I'm seeing stars and movement of lights, airplanes etc., and feeling a cool breeze [that planet must be Jupiter] that I've not experienced in a long time. It's pleasant.

All is well and I'll see you in a few days.

Slainte folks.