16 September 2009

Bobby Frost is Another God...

Go read The Road Not Taken.

I'm on it as of now, folks.

See you when I do...



P.S. -- A bit later, and MUCH, much better:

And Thus I Live Forever...

In the following flame...

"On the altar, a candle burns. For a week, it will glow softly, day and night. Marked, it is, with symbols as old as witchery, with words and will. Charged and lit with a flame born of thousands of years of sacred fires, sacred rights, and a community that spans time and tide. Just before it falters, gutters out, I will light another, its twin, to burn another seven days...and another after that, and another, for as long as it takes.
I am here..."

Like a moth... I flitter thither...

13 September 2009

Minuteae Views...



Sunflower Spider, apparently. Let her be.



12 September 2009

Never Heard This Before...

My friend sent me a youtube link. My camera was set up on stabilizing tripod device.

Gotta love spontanaety...



11 September 2009

Tight Lyrics...

Remember THIS poem?

I got a call from Lady V.J.T earlier this week.
Good talk. Good friend.
Lifelong love.


Got me to thinking about the three primary and two "I-Wish" Ladies I consider good friends.
Bet every one of them fit this song well. I know I see all of them walking on the back roads by the rivers flowing gentle on my mind...

Slainte, Lady Turner.

And Slainte, folks.


07 September 2009

Welcome To Markron

You have 1,825 days to prepare for G.L.A.D.--Global Liase Amalgamated Departure.

G.L.A.D. is a mantatory Earth-evacuation Program, sponsored and mandated fully by your Global-Local Overall Cooperative Kompadre, aka GLOCK-- the New World Government Cooperative...

All free persons will be safely transported and then relocated to an ensconcement in the Thorun Star System, a modern non-traffic rail-surrounded Controlled Enclosed And Sound Environmental Edificae (or CEASE Buildings) located inside the Star-System Structure...

Peace and prosperity are Government-Guaranteed to Abound! Live in worry-free, controlled environs!!!

[To Be Continued...]



05 September 2009

Life in the Garden Today

I was jes' hangin' solowhen along came...

"Yo! Hiya doin, eh?!?"and so great whilst it lasted, but...

See Ya...

More hanging about in Eden...

Then there are the Rap Song Love Bugs:
"...Woncha Back That Ass Up..."

And alas but not least we alight upon the flowers...Be honest-- how many think, on viewing this photo, 'Cygnus is on another okra blossom shoot'! ["Another", hell-- try continuous! HA!]

Look again...
See me now?

And finally, I'm pretty sure I spied Hera and Persephone lounging about the nearing of the changing of the Tides of Seasons...
See Ya! HA!

Slainte, Folks.


03 September 2009

Go To England! NOW!

If you've never visited Ancestral Celt's blog, now is the time.[Click this post's title.] The following is courtesy of her.

And warning, folks-- it's vivid.

Thanks, A.C.



01 September 2009

Like It Should Be Heard...

From A Beautiful Woman's Voice...

Got A Kleenex?