30 January 2010

Stopping By Woods On A(n) [Icy Night]...

Frost Is Cool; Ice Is ... Well, Damn Cold, To Be Honest! HA!

Reading blogger today, seems folk everywhere from Texas to Maine are nice and frosty...

Ice on the trees here in Georgia led to a cool-- pardon the pun-- photo op.

Down end of the street we went,

snapping away in the dusk...

Stay warm tonight, folks! We'll you on the morrow!



27 January 2010

Where Are All The Real [Pagan] Men??

Pagan Or Not, My Question Stands...

Look folks, I've been in this neck of the woods for better than a solid month now. I visited way back 'round Samhain to boot. Consistently, Folk are meeting-- one night for this, another for that. All a social network of close fambly doing close fambly things-- some spiritual, but many more simple and personal/communal: eating, conversing, debating/teaching/learning. In short, sharing.

I notice two things in particular:
1) a bevy of next-generationers-- KIDS, to you dense ones.
2) the absense of you dense ones.

You dense ones. You males...


What the fuck??? I mean... I'm befuddled. I'm the only gods-damned male at these events!!! The majority of 'em have been evening gatherings. They haven't been 'spiritually demanding' events [Sabbats]-- assuming you're as Pagan as the Goddesses ye are connected to. They've been after your working hours. LONG after. They've been during hours when, if you're not @ home, WE, as Pagan [or otherwise] men, should be gathering of our own accord, trading weeks of responsibility with the Ladyfolk .

Part of what fucks me up about this is, if and when I ever show up @ your abode and you are there, you're gonna be unconsciously jealous that your sons (for the most part, the circle I'm of hath, as a majority, male progeny) like me. Immensely. Likely I'll draw more attention than you.

We played. We talked. We cried. We ate. At one point we were penned in and wrestling.

Oh, sure-- I heeded the children as well...

Men, minimally we should be away because it's our night out-- because it's break-time and we need to throw darts, have a draft drawn, toke a smoke...

At the same time, wanna know why I make so much effort to crawl in the kids' pen and accept being rode hard and put away wet? Do ya huh huh do ya really?!?


The ladies need a break, dad. In fact, much more so than you and I ever will.

And I could use some male companionship in providing it.

Look, I'm hetero, sexual, and male.

You? Hmph!!

At this point, I'm not sure where all the babies came from.

In vitro?!?

I'm just asking. No; nope. Correction:


I'm asking "where the fukkaya?" I'm saying...


Slainte, folks. Love ya, girls!


25 January 2010

To Be Or Not To Be?

[Yes, my both-blogs readers, this is a two-fer. I'd apologize, but... why be insincere?!?]

IS That The Question?

According to the peas, not really...

Not too soon to be planted, that is. A mite tough to see from this picture

but there are ten peas a-peain' down here.

These went in the clay about ten or so days ago, by some stairwork that'll provide a great natural trellis.

A week or so later the tiller were borrowed, and new beds laid and hoed. [Quit! I gots pictures!! Hey, I'll plow 'em all over the yard if'n I so choose!! You know I will...]

From the new bed's perspective, though, certainty is a bit more, ah... Schrodinger.

Here're the rows before it was a dark and stormy night:

Then came the rains

and washed the rows away. Thus the row-row-row-your-boat look apres.

I won't yet cop to spreading seed too early. I did hope to see some leafy veggie sprouts by now, but I dinna expect two nights' worth of swimming pool fill pouring from the heavens. The seed may be a bit more sporadically spread, but they're watered in well, and we've got a few days of soil-warming sunshine on the way. I mean, worst case scenario, I harvest instant mix-- no need to toss the salad! har!!

Okay, folk, I done given you enough imagery for the night.

If not, well, spanx or no, come on over! I gots plenty o' seed and bed-space!!! HARARARRR!!!

Slainte, friends!


22 January 2010


Couldn't explain it any better than to tell you to visit my other blog . [Not a self-promo here, folks; just the best way to prove this post's title.] Read , then be sure to follow the "super-hot headbanging chick" link.

I wrote that post, text and video imbeds, first, then went to Mademoiselle Asphodel's to grab her html. (Ooh!!! Sounds kinda geek-sexy, don't it!?! lol!)

Lowen B. Hauld...

Slainte, folks!

21 January 2010

Variety Is The Spice Of Life...

And I like living.

Different than existence. Different, as well (to a degree), than BEING, I ken-- Being being more Zazen, and existence for the sheeple. Living is a conscious enjoyment.

I was asked recently by a really, really good friend what kind of beer I drink; seems a plethora of pint-pics have shown no consistency in Cygnus' consumptive choices.

Well, what kind of beer do a Swan sip? A quick gander (no mixing of anima meant...) shall proffer clue:I count seven--nope, eight different tw'acks (12-packs, for youse non-rednecks! ha!) showing @ the recycle-side of the abode, but a more honest answer would be "I dunna know, Lady F; I don't think they've made them all yet!"
After all, folks, I AM poly! HARARAR!!!

Translation? I love them all. The 'faithful' is to the feeling, to partaking of, and sharing, the limitless: the Life, the Light, the Love.

And, of corse, the brewskies! Ha!

Oh! Which reminds me... Sam Adams (Original) Boston Lager. Those, and Kerri Russell, are the answer(s)! But both nick me in the affordability/availability arena currently hehehe! But Miss Russell? If'n you're reading, and decide to head this way? Bring the long hair and some Sammies, wouldja?! Thankee!!

Slainte, folks!


20 January 2010

Just Hangin' Out...

If you's friendly, I might allow you access to the loft...
Um, you DO got the Nips, right?!?All RIGHT, then!

We'll sits around watching hockey, hi-fivin' when the Av's net one!
When they garner the points for the win, we'll busta move to the Funky Cold Medina...
Celebratory brewskies shall flow like candy on Samhain...
An them thu wen ouse an hep! **HIC!!**

Slainte, Folks!!!Cygnus

17 January 2010

Another Victory For THE Medicine...

[This article by Mike Hughes, published 12 Jan 2010, is verbatim from a sidebar link on the High Times website...]

New Jersey Legislature Passes Medical Marijuana Law

Yesterday the New Jersey State Assembly passed its amended Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act 48-14. The Senate then approved the new language of the bill 25-13. Now, outgoing Democratic Governor Jon Corzine must sign the bill before leaving office next week to make New Jersey the 14th state with a medical marijuana program. Corzine has expressed support for the bill and has stated in no uncertain terms that he would sign the medical marijuana act into law.

According to NJ.com the new bill, if signed, would take effect in six months. Both medical marijuana advocates and state legislators agree that New Jersey’s medical marijuana law would be the most restrictive in the nation (eligibility limited to strict set of medical conditions, patients limited to two ounces every 30 days, patients not allowed to grow their own medicine, caretakers must pass criminal background checks, etc.).

Nonetheless, incoming Governor Chris Christie would have liked to see an even more restrictive bill, citing “loopholes” that make him uncomfortable. However, New Jersey lawmakers did not wait for the Christie era to begin before passing this bill and thus Jon Corzine has the opportunity to sign it into law before leaving office January 19.

The bill is a major victory for patients battling debilitating diseases and for the medical marijuana advocates who fought so hard and so long to bring a medical marijuana program to the Garden State.

More @
nj.com & philly.com

The Philly link is a good read.

Fourteen down, thirty-six to go...

Slainte, folks.


15 January 2010

American Medical Assn. Reverses Pot's Class I Classification

I came across an interesting article whilst browsing today.

Folks, this is THE American Medical Association.

I was living in that city when the meeting took place. I vaguely remember some reference to them being in town, but not much else-- not surprising being as how I waste virtually no time letting the mainstream media [mis-]inform me about "news". But this...

This should have been plastered ALL OVER the place-- the front pages, the headliner in local AND national newscasts. The cover of High Times...

No shock to me that is wasn't given it's proper "Finally! Some sense!" bent. More so that, being deeply ensconsed in the bible belt, there was no loud, smacking-of-uneducated/miseducated-'the-man-from-Nazareth-will-turn over-in-his-grave' cry of outrage.

Be interesting to see, now the vote is in, where exactly it does go. But that won't be reported, either. I suppose to those who already know how positively useful, in so many ways, the herb is will continue on reaping the benefits.

And as for healthier-than-smoking methods of consumption?

It's not like there's a shortage of info!

Enjoy, folks, and Slainte!


P.S.-- Feel free to spread the news. The "News" won't!

11 January 2010

Garden Delights In January!

I'm cooking one of the sides for the night's meal-- fried okra. Okra from last summer's Houston garden.


This year I've started early again, seeding green peas, carrots, lettuce, and spinach indoors. Though I still feel it is a bit early, I moved the peas out-of-doors today. Well, the rest of the stuffs, too, but those were really more an experiment. I'm not familiar with the cooler clime I'm now inhabiting, and having a shovel or hoe hit frozen red clay... well, it seems antithetical to all my green-thumbery instincts to be putting stuffs out in these kinda conditions. But, they weren't going to get a lot of pods in the egg cartons they were started in! And worse case scenario, they don't take. I've got more seeds.

We've got a few warmer days coming, then some rain predicted for the weekend. I'm getting restless for the onset of solid spring and the then encroaching summer, but will use the few warm days to do some hardcore bed-readying and compost turning for some later cold-tolerant direct-seeding.

Kind of a rambling post, and I needs go tend the okry now... but am stoked that Mother Earth hath provided for the belly for the night, and look forward to tending Her for even greater wealth in the coming days, months, and years.

Eat well, sleep well, and BE WELL, my friends...



06 January 2010


I wanted more zoom. But...Alls I had were the beer, alas.

The Bushmills wasn't in play yet. So:

Slainte, Folks.


05 January 2010

The Pork Chop Sealed The Deal

It musta been the pork chop...

Or the milk. Whole, that-- all the good fats and stuffs.

Or mayhap the queso bits? Definitely the queso bits, at least tonight.

But the pork chop yesterday, ah yes... I was able to get TigerKitty-- one of the ferals-- to actually come to my call for the first time.

She'd been squeamish about my petting her before, and oft skittered off the porch when I'd head out there where we keep some dried food to supplement the lean hunting days.

No More.

I'd reached the point where, if I squatted still and long enough she'd give in and come get a warm handrub for a bit. Now she doesn't skitter, the loving is taken in stride, and the petting is not only tolerated but sought. The pick-her-up is still bothersome for her-- even in the twenty-two degree night. But I can't resist trying, passing on at least a smattering of body warmth.

The Pork Chop (actuallt bits of pig prom some fried rice)? Yes, it's bribery. Pure and simple.

I'm okay with that.

Okay? nah... damn proud, actually. :D

Slainte, folks.


04 January 2010

I Should Have Been...

Born at least capable of contemplating the act of suicide. I wasn't. So tonight I suffer...

I sleep under a roof I have not contributed a penny towards sustaining.

I eat of food I have not earned.

I exist amongst people... and I havde no means of soon exterminating my plague on them-- the plague of said existence.

It gnaws my core. I gnaw my core-soul.

I bite. I gnash. I fling and flail with Tyrannasaurous jaw. I suck like a Hoover. I'm not having much fun being tonight-- not jim or swan or asswipe or any other variant of this round's existence.

So, how are you doing c'est soir?

Better, I hope.