31 December 2010

Those Dirty Damned Hippie-Tree-huggin' Pukes!!!

And We KNEW They Were...

Whaddya gonna do, folks?



30 December 2010

This Song Is CORE...

I'll be investing time the coming year with Windows Moviemaker and this tune, I'm so sycophant.

I'm not christian, but just like all the REAL PEOPLE in this video, I AM...

Jesus isn't a WHO. It's a WHAT.

Every one of these folk was a beacon.

I got video work to do, folks. Do yourself a favor-- TWO, even:

1) LISTEN to the song. Listen and HEAR.

2) BE.

Salinte, Folks.


26 November 2010

The Best Of Goodbye's

Everybody Left Fat-Full!!!

We had a pleasant gathering yesterday-- me, Flower, her ma, my mom, a little bird. Oh, and the evil genius, too...

And a lot more good food! Um, NOT necessarily in that order!!! HA!!! Ah well...

The trip home began for my mom this ante-meridian. And with her went...

Rorschach. One of our outdoor, ah, ferals.

Oh, yeah. A mean one, this. Been seven-year-old-boy-toted about the yard since a kitten, and eateth more canned food than our indoor kitties! ha! NO KITTING! HA!

Which, pun aside, is one of the benefits of her finding a loving home-- needs not brave the elements nor soon-to-arrive advances of tom-toms...

I could say I'll miss her-- and might. But... We got SIX other outdoor kitties, seven counting the one big Tom we call Multiplier-- and FOUR indoor kitties. And...

I want a puppy. Which is another post altogether. In a year or three...

Or thereabouts...

Slainte, folks!!!


22 November 2010

Well, It Aint "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

But It WAS Pure Improv!!!

Thankee, Auntie Ra, for the nursery tunes idea; thanks to the Winds for whistling through the pipe...

Thank you for not pointing out the off-key. It's raw, and REALLY so am I on any flute. And the Turtle didn't have the high note anymore than I did! HAR!!

Slainte, folks!!!


16 November 2010

I Love You, KiKi...

And Your Heart Is My Home...

I just don't wanna be indoors right now, you understand? It's not a reflection on you; just let my sorry-ass self be alone for a while.


01 November 2010

Upon Departing...

Another's Blog, I Think I'll

Leave a comment, or some clue. Who am I, or 'was' I. Whither didst I come from; where goest me?

And above all-- Why?

'Why, Santa? WHY? cried l'il cindy bohoo...'

Who the hell knows? We've all seen #'s change over the millenia we been bloggin, all wondered the same-- frome where, to whuh?

Next time I 'quit' a blog-- somethin' I've done mayhap thrice in near 200 follows-- I think I'll leave note why. Justo remind m'sef' if naught else.

Swan's $.02

Slainte, volk!


31 October 2010

Shots of Samhain

Happy Final Harvest...

Here's to being as good an an Ancestor as many I have...

Slainte, Those Who Have Gone Before!!!


27 October 2010

I Decided To Post This Here

Instead Of On My Song...

Because it reminds me of Rhonda Jane.
It's complicated. Well-- not the song.
Wanna hear?

Um, which one?!?

Here-- start:



21 October 2010

It's Complicated, To Say The Least.

I Love Beethoven.

Music-- one of the keys to the universe. Probably the PRIMARY one, comes down to human possibility of unlockage, really.

Now, LISTEN. Ecoute. Lend ear. Shut yer fukkin' pie-hole and don' expext no words.

WHO was Mr. Ludwig B. touching here? Whois Elise?

If she aint the one you love, you're doing it
a) wrong
b) with the wrong persons

Slainte, folks. Thanks,Kitten!!!


19 October 2010

Weekend's Eye

Because it wanted to be there, apparently...

A good hunting ground:

Daisy D'Lite

Sunset from my camp's ground

Canopy above the Fire

Slainte, folks.


18 October 2010

It Took Me Too Long To Return;

It'll Be Too Long Again--

{Birds in the Wood; we burned the Wood. Birds in the Fire...}

Too much time before I can get back to the land that has become my Spiritual Home, my grounding, my Place Away From Time...

It's great to be home-- be back in Flower's circle of energy; back to feel Sprout stretch about in her mommas womb...

And it sucks to be out-- at least physically-- of Ra's...

The trip is being dubbed by me as a "Fucking Blessing". Long story short, part of the Journey to Autumn Fires Gathering was to have my truck break down 1.7 miles shy of Wisteria. At eleven at night. I'll spare you the 'walking it uphill both ways' story, though I did. [Walked it twice. Nice grade. Coming DOWN....] Then COMMUNITY showed up...

For about a fifth of what it could otherwise have cost, in dollars, the vehicle was towed, the new alternator fetched by the mechanic, then slapped on, then the truck parked at my camp. On HONORS, because I said the check would be in the mail.

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. My PEOPLE.

I also did some of the best drumming of my life, even getting a chance to embarrass m'self a bit on The Mother. And shot 596 photos-- many revealing Birds Of Fire.

And many of fallen leaves. Fires, and Autumn. Go figger...

I've got a lifetime of stories to tell of the place and my 'time' there, of the magic and Community experienced.


Well, seeing as how I'll be returning there forever, I better get busy writing, non?

Slainte, folks...


26 August 2010

"An Unheard Voice..."

"becomes strong!
[...this is how...]"

You'll love this video...



21 July 2010

Because My Biker Baby Said...

This Song Made Her Think Of Me,

I hadda hear it.

I find it wholly appropriate...

Enjoy, folks!



18 July 2010

It'd Be Bigger, But...

I Can Only Take Credit For The Yellow Tomato!

I can claim some small braggadocia (and gained a large bit of oral satisfaction) from what you're looking upon. [No, it's neither exibitionist nor voyeurism I hae in mind's eye, ye pervie! HA!!!] I mean, the yellow beast be of me garden...

and the blueberries fresh-picked from a neighbor-lady the very day they were consumed!
[Actually, Flower picked enough to

  • get full before the collection basket
  • eat fresh all day and night
  • freeze, whole, better than eight cups!!!]
It was a great meal, folks, made all the better by the amount of "free" stuffs thereon. In years to come, the lettuce will be mine and the meat hunted or raised-- vineson or rabbit, repectively.

Prep on, friends!!!



15 July 2010

A Day At The Fountain

A Photo Extravaganza For This Ol' Swan!!!

I won't hurt your eye with too awful many photos, but a few might not be too sad to look at...

Slainte, folks!


12 July 2010

During Peaceful Hours For Humanity

I cry at night
Into the deep, dark sea of human ears
Aslumber, responsive as the tides to taming...

JMc aka Cygnus

Slainte, folks.

09 July 2010

A Friend In Need..

Of Your Vote!!!

Please go HERE and help m'lady friend with a vote for her essay, would you?

Or, go to HER BLOG and let her ask you kindly...

Kindness will be returned in karma...

Thanks, and Slainte, folks!


06 July 2010

Ever Just Wanna Musical Night?

Cooking Dinner...

I selected five cd's, somewhat randomly:
Momentary Prophets
Spiral Rhythm
The Cheiftains

Took over the taco beef, commenced to lending ear.

Then voice...

I used to sit Sunday nights in prison out on my bunk, other 110 clowns blocked out of my mind by headphones piping in NPR-- first Fiona Richie's Thistle and Seamroc, then World Music with ... hell, I won't even try to spell it! ha! Point is, it was a Musical Journey night, a time when it was okay to recognise music as one of the major Keys To The Universe and ride it's currents to soar above the towers and razor wire and horses in the fields where you weren't free to run...

Tonight I sit free. Tonight is another musical freedom night-- a continuation; an extension. I've needed more Key in my life of late, and am getting as much live these days [drumming now on near a daily basis, feeling the floodplains slowly inundate...] as through the electrical push-button.

I am also privy to Nature's Bountiful Choir... but, that's another story!

Slainte, folks!


04 July 2010

Loving, Lusting, Gardening and Drumming

Oh What A Tangled Web...

And Oh thank Goddess for all Five!!!

Where did the spiral start: With Lady Reno? July last, when Flower was visited by the boob-fish? Winter Solstice last, whence I crept up Atlanta way?

I miss my new friend; we'll call her RJ.

I met her near a fortnight ago, 'round the Solstice Bonfire drum circle. Three nights later I began to know her.

I'm home now; home with my Flower. Home knowing next year Wisteria days will find my hands full of five-months-old care, joy and worry.

Home, happy knowing in the eyes of some youth [thanks, Nipple-Biter Lady!!!] and certainly in my biker-mamma's arms I'm still sound, still easy to hold.

Did I mention how much I'm missing RJ, and how nice it is to have enough of Flower's love to be able to say as much out loud? How I actually would near rather miss RJ this moment, thus making future embrace fonder? That my love for Flower is stronger because I can cop honest?

How wonderful my ear on her womb is, my Flower's... did I mention that?!??

I love that I've moved past-- in person and relationships-- that 'love is finite' fallacy.

Slainte, folks.


03 July 2010

Ohio Bound...

Two Weeks Ago

This was the Friday sunset on the drive up.

Saturn's Day Nacht we were privy to this view of the Moon Mother out our front camp door:
She was near full, but the evenin' light kept me from good focus. The moon was hard to get a picture of, too...

Several days likely topped 100 F. One day it showered cool from the clouds, and nary a kid-- by age or Soul-- was stagnant indoors...

Magical land, magical time...

There aren't a lot of [personal]'during' pictures, as this was a time away.

I'll be back @ Wisteria come Equal Days And Nights . I'll bring more to share that trip... Until then the time will pass as a friend of a friend said did the first half of oh-ten: loving, lusting, gardening, and drumming.

Uh... not necessarily in that order, folks!!



30 June 2010

Whoa!! Where Did The Time Go???

I Didn't Realise It'd Been So Long Since Posting Here!

Well, I just returned from a ten-day camping trip/ Summer Solstice Festival out at the magickal land of Wisteria. I'll no doubt be posting extensively in the days to come about Wisteria itself, of the new friends and friendships-- and more-- that were born of the journey, and some of the wonderous music that captured and accompanied me on the ride.

To that end, I would like to lay gratious thanks to the members of the group SPIRAL RHYTHMS. I was able to attend the event by posing as genuine roadie, occasional cabana boy (sans cabana, but hey... it's magical. IMAGINE it!!!), and overall gopher-- er, gofer, or whatever they call indentured servitude these days and ages... but, I digress...

Spiral Rhythms played three different sets at the Wisteria Summer Solstice celebration. The following video was shot during their 'laid-back' set, whence they take audience requests. A young man requested "PELE RISING", and then proceeded to do a beautiful dance...

I'd left my primary video camera back @ camp, but shot this with my primary photo camera.

I hope you folks enjoy, and will come back to hear and see more about the trip and other things swan-spiring. In the interim, please explore the music of the following folks:

Momentary Prophets-- my favorite 'new' find this year!!!

Kenny Kline-- great Celtic Folk man!!!

Incus-- truly a journey...

Slainte, folks!


10 June 2010

Speaking Out To Nowhere And No One

I've Always Enjoyed The Quiet Solitude Of Night

Watering a garden is one of the ways I enjoy night solitude. Another is to sit and... Well, SIT, to put it Zen, out-of-doors nights. A third yet is to dream...

I love watering a garden by the moon's light. In Austin, Tx., auto lights from 24-hour traffic on Lamar-- and, honest to behesus more sirens than a city four times the populace-- Helped shine on summer showers. I used ambient city light when I gardened in Houston. A streetlight outside might help me with my front bed tonight.

Sitting at night... The fireflies making Kingdoms in the treetops yonder; an unsettled bird causing havoc amongst nestling ken; tires on a road distant but not enough so...
And scents of evening rain and composting leaf and vines yet ripe; sounds of huntings squirrelish and vole-ventures and kitty cullings...

Dreams... dreaming of the day the light that shines on my garden is not the city's ambient but only universal Mother and Father, only Sun and Moon-- light of Strength and Warmth and Energy-- not of watts and colorlength and lumens... Of sitting-- nae, SITTING, on a porch with fiddle crooked and flowing, with flute riding the wind, with drum bassing beat pulsing the dream-beat...

It's quiet tonight, folks. I'm not plussed.

How nice it is, and rare it should not be in ANY life...
I do have a garden to water! HA!!!

Slainte, everyone!


08 June 2010

natural witch

love when it proves...


I toss a stick out on the water's surface. It floats.

I see all the dragonflies

lounging on the sunny side, sipping


the larvae abottom, feeding on

wood and plankton

and fishies keeping population watch...

Slainte, folks.