29 March 2010

That I've Been Away So Long...

No Aster Flowers, But I Have Sown Some Marigold...

Didn't realise, with the onset of Spring, that more than a week passed since I've typed anything here!!! I have a good Mother-Earth excuse... Really, I do!!!

Even the cloudy/ cool days I've been plugging away, planting seeds to go in the ground here in a few weeks when the soil warms. I've changed my seed-starting technique...

Former soil was much too cloying, draining off too fast and hardening up after a good watering-- in other words, not holding moisture nor getting aerated. I Spent a few bones on some [40#] better soil [read: NOT TREE BARK-IN-A-BAG], 8 quarts of perlite (for aeration) and 8 dry quarts of peat moss (for moisture retention). I mixed them all together and every one of the 78 seeds I've sown-- both flower and fruit/vegetable [um, not that anyone's counting! lol!!!]-- got treated to the new stuffs.

It's been fun, but I'm exhausted. And what's more fun---the NOAA is predicting me three days of sunshine, I hope to be more by Saturn's Day. And have a lot more to show for my efforts?

Well, maybe more suntan! HA!!!

Slainte, folks

20 March 2010

A Quickie For Osatra

First Day of Spring... Coffee and Eggs for Breakfast!!!

I've spent the last two out-of-doors, double-digging my outback garden bed.

The early afternoon dying Magic Ostara Eggs.

The late eating them! ha!

Perfect timing...

Slainte, folks!!!


18 March 2010

No Patience...

but then, I ain't a doctor! HAR!!

Seriously, I canna wait any longer.

Well, truth be told, I already haven't.

Against 2 wise local opines saying "no sooner than easter" and "good freya's day", I've put my tomato seedlings out to sun.

Throw in some sunflower seeds, a bean or three here, some okra there. we're even discusing chickens, so eggplants might spring up round 'bouts...

Well, I had to do something; I'm down to my last two bags of fresh-frozen pods from last summer's garden. A garden I were able, given latitude, to start about St Valentines day.

Hey-- I had corned beef, cabbage, new potatoes, baby carrots, soda bread, and Feckin Irish Whiskey for dinner yesterday-- So... so I waited a Saints' Day later this year. I'm Pagan. Perogative...

If I get the severe cold before Easter Day, I'll cover the thing in plastic and tough it out. Hey... I gots more seeds...

Well, I'm near tuckered out from all the catch-up eating I done lately, so I beter go to bed. [Um, or is that Katsup??? Because, you know... that's all they feed me 'round here. I mean, why you think I'm forced, FORCED I TELL YOU to garden my own eats?

More as the season progresses, folks...


16 March 2010

Compost, Burn, Reuse, Recycle

I guest-authored a post for Mainstream Green tonight. Follow, copy, bow down...MuahHaHaHAA!!!


Salinte, folks!


12 March 2010

Are You One Of Those...

Who senses a few days go by and feels guilty for not having posted something-- near ANYTHING, oft it seems-- of late on your blog?

Well...I am. I always have several writ ideas fermenting in the ol' cranium. In fact, I've got an (upcoming) [mental] CATHOUSE post that should leave you in stitches-- both literally AND figuratively! LOL!! I read several other blogs daily and constantly get streams of ideas from them-- damned GOOD ideas, if I'd only pursue. And I WILL, I swear... someday.

Someday when LIFE don't interfere. Or more accurately-- since life always do-- some day life IS following them thar pursuits...

Well... life, last few days, hae been raining out-of-doors; I've ben forced to bite back my impatience for the coming of Spring and adapt. To... [bum-bahn BUM!!!] the INDOORS...
Indoor adaptation, as well as [my] recent Tejas transplantation, has warranted readying for that promised coming-of-Spring. To that end, I've [WE'VE, I stand corrected!] started, from seed, indoors, in myriad useful containers, better than 100 fruit, vegetable, and herb plants.
A Yule gift of pre-packaged herb garden variety now grows strong in the living room window, taking advantage of full afternoon filtered-thru-windows sun {keeping the radiant heat in and harsh elements out! HA!!!}. Some tomatoes what were included were added yesterday; the pea plant is the Evil Genius' intro to growing things...

The plethora of other stuffs started-- waiting the intense coming Sol's Beam almost as much as I am-- include two strains of cucumbers, three tomato varieties, eggplants, sweet {bell} peppers...

Well,... I suppose I don't blog as much of late here as I'd like to. Come summer you'll all be looking to escape the repetitive braggings of Cygnus Greening, though! HA! I GARON-TEE!!! For, then my bloggings will be rampant with braggadicia {I plead!} of self-feedings; of dinners so fresh they'd make Heidi Fleiss' head spin; of tasting fresh-tossed salads so fresh that... well, ne'er mind that... but fresh greens shall abound!

Slainte, folks! Hope your spring weather is approaching fast and furious!!!


10 March 2010

On The Line...

Right On The Treeline, In The Back Yard:
Ain't it beautiful, the coming change?!!

Slainte, folks!


05 March 2010

This Swan's Poetry

Follow THIS LINK to see some of my poetry.

No ruse here, folks... just realised I hadn't posted some in a while, and needed to do so on the other site tonight.

More soon, folks!



02 March 2010

Mother Earth Magic

& Aspects Of The [A] Green [-Thumbed! ha!] God

I missed opportunity yesterday to post about 3-1-1682 being the day three women were arrested in Salem, Massachusetts, on charges of witchcraft. I did, though, pause several times during the day and think just how far we've come since then. 1950 saw England repeal their anti-witchcraft "laws", and in 1986 the U.S Supreme Court declared Paganism-- Wicca, specifically-- to have protection/recognition under the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Near all of my practice these days stems along very practical magic-- most notably my love of gardening.

Now, you may or may not think anything "magical" about it at all; I can't help but see the entire process, from sprouting seeds to planting & tending to harvest and feeding myself

as an act of the greatest practicality and Magic.

As hunter-gatherers we relied on what the Earth Mother provided. We still do. Though our hand is much more active in the process-- having learned the valuable gifts of animal husbandry and seed propagation-- the bounty still stems from Her.

Growing even a tiny portion of my own food allows me to take a deeper part in, and makes me much more appreciative of, the Circle of Life and Death. I try to reflect this with my meal blessing:

Panta Rhei-- nothing is static
As my physical body will one day return to the Earth Mother to nourish the Plants and Animals,
So might these in turn nourish me, that I may continue my Great Work
Ouden Menei--everything is cyclic

I say this silently at each meal, consciously noting what is in front of me, the plant or animal of providence. My spelling of the Greek may be off here, and my translation of the phrase not exact, but my intent with recitation is as pure and sincere as can be.

Give thanks that we're able to openly walk our Path(s), and participate joyfully, my friends, whatever your 'religion'.

Have a great day, folks; see ya again soon.