31 October 2010

Shots of Samhain

Happy Final Harvest...

Here's to being as good an an Ancestor as many I have...

Slainte, Those Who Have Gone Before!!!


27 October 2010

I Decided To Post This Here

Instead Of On My Song...

Because it reminds me of Rhonda Jane.
It's complicated. Well-- not the song.
Wanna hear?

Um, which one?!?

Here-- start:



21 October 2010

It's Complicated, To Say The Least.

I Love Beethoven.

Music-- one of the keys to the universe. Probably the PRIMARY one, comes down to human possibility of unlockage, really.

Now, LISTEN. Ecoute. Lend ear. Shut yer fukkin' pie-hole and don' expext no words.

WHO was Mr. Ludwig B. touching here? Whois Elise?

If she aint the one you love, you're doing it
a) wrong
b) with the wrong persons

Slainte, folks. Thanks,Kitten!!!


19 October 2010

Weekend's Eye

Because it wanted to be there, apparently...

A good hunting ground:

Daisy D'Lite

Sunset from my camp's ground

Canopy above the Fire

Slainte, folks.


18 October 2010

It Took Me Too Long To Return;

It'll Be Too Long Again--

{Birds in the Wood; we burned the Wood. Birds in the Fire...}

Too much time before I can get back to the land that has become my Spiritual Home, my grounding, my Place Away From Time...

It's great to be home-- be back in Flower's circle of energy; back to feel Sprout stretch about in her mommas womb...

And it sucks to be out-- at least physically-- of Ra's...

The trip is being dubbed by me as a "Fucking Blessing". Long story short, part of the Journey to Autumn Fires Gathering was to have my truck break down 1.7 miles shy of Wisteria. At eleven at night. I'll spare you the 'walking it uphill both ways' story, though I did. [Walked it twice. Nice grade. Coming DOWN....] Then COMMUNITY showed up...

For about a fifth of what it could otherwise have cost, in dollars, the vehicle was towed, the new alternator fetched by the mechanic, then slapped on, then the truck parked at my camp. On HONORS, because I said the check would be in the mail.

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. My PEOPLE.

I also did some of the best drumming of my life, even getting a chance to embarrass m'self a bit on The Mother. And shot 596 photos-- many revealing Birds Of Fire.

And many of fallen leaves. Fires, and Autumn. Go figger...

I've got a lifetime of stories to tell of the place and my 'time' there, of the magic and Community experienced.


Well, seeing as how I'll be returning there forever, I better get busy writing, non?

Slainte, folks...