04 June 2009

Wanna Hear a COOL Song?


Poetry with the backing magic of Music.

So, Y'wanna?

COOL! Head HERE and it will be done...


Research the etymology yourself. Me? I'm headed back for another earfull!!!

Thanks, Spotted Wolf!!!

And while you're there, take time to note the yard/den in the FOREGROUND, versus the... bland, dreary.. typical background lameness.

BEAUTY, as well as magic, my friend!




Kyddryn said...

Beautiful, Sir...thanks for leading the way.

Also..think he'd notice if I...erm..."borrowed" that gorgeous yard? Rolled it up, stuffed it in a sack, and brought it home? Someone distract him...

Shade and Sweetwater,

Sarah said...

His yard is amazing!! Love the music too.
I like the boat on yours too though. The ocean - well water calls me this time of the year.
Hope you have a peacefull weekend Sir or at least a wickedly fun one- Blessings, Sarah

spottedwolf said...

Keeristafrigginalmighty.....I've been duped inta exposition o' me position.........tanks compadre...my ol' woman loves all da fuss 'bout her yard. One thing is fer sure....I always know where she is....just follow my nose to the source of fresh dirt and flowers.....gawd I love this woman!!