26 June 2009

I Took The Liberty...

Of copy/pasting this comment from the last post to make one of it's own...

I am going to do this, and link to Holly's site, and then go to bed and allow dreams to continue the processing , um process! ha!

NOTE: NO Offense should be taken by ANY PARTY. What SHOULD be taken is EACH AND EVERY WORD TO HEART-- BY ALL THREE OF US. Myself most of all.

So Mote It Be... And a very sincere THANKS to this Matron who is confident enough to offer advise in the true FRIEND manner-- TRUTH, and no side-stepping.
THANK YOU, Lady Holly...

Holly said...


Um, this is bullshit...truly. It sounds all noble and courtly lovish, but truly tis bullshit.

Someone in the three of you wants their way on their terms on their timing in a way that they feel they can control.

The other? Just wants a good time and what comes along. Come what may sort of attitude.

Fear is afoot here...that's always what it gets down to...fear that the investment won't pay off, fear that you might not get what you want...

But, the biggest fear? Taking the chance that you might feel something ! EWWWW, too scary for some...

So any excuse is a good excuse, and the whole courtly love thing, "I'll back away..." what a noble martyr that would make.

In the end of it all? What the hell is it that you want out of this, Man? And, be real clear. Because that's the only way that this might come out the way you hope instead of feeling like Wile E. Coyote after opening a package from a company called Acme Gunpowder.

Get my drift? This is about feelings...this is about fear.

Your worth a whole lot of fear and trembling...someone who wants to take it as it unfolds. YOU. Are. WORTH. It.

Bright Blessings.

As always, folks-- please chime in... because in today's economy, HEY! Two cents is Two cents!!! [makes sense! lol]




swan said...

I was in a situation like this my self a while back and can only comment from my perspective/experience. I learned allot about giving, humility kindness and compassion. Much light and love and also beauty. I wear my heart on my sleeve try to live inside out. I responded to what I read and tried to approach the comment with light of my own heart, it's who I am. Many blessings and much kindness and wisdom to your world.

swan said...

I do not personally know any of the parties involved but I wish each one the most illumination and following the path that unfolds into wisdom, creativity and a wild inner freedom.

Kyddryn said...

Well said, Mizz Holly - strong worded and ringing true (if painfully so...ouch!). A friend, indeed, to speak so plain and with obvious concern for Cygnus' well being.

Hey, Swan? She's right - you are worth it...whatever "it" is or grows to be...you're worth it.

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who knows what it is to keep walking toward the future, despite shaking in her shoes)

swan said...

I'm a little confused... I was just commenting from my perspective I do not know any of the people personally involved in this situation. And yes, I am glad that Holly is such a good friend to Cygnus and has concern for his well being... But that said I am just a blogger... reading and being inspried and commenting in blogsphere. Many blessings.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

And your comments are most welcome here anytime, Swan!
Holly is a fellow blogger as well-- it's the only way I 'know' her; While she is "not one of the parties involved", I count her as well as many others out there in the blogosphere. Got friends in Australia, in England, in... even in Houston! ha!

Thanks for the comments today, Lady Swan

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

The shaking in the shoes is, I think, something ANYONE walking into the future does. I mean-- what more unknown and uncertain place, and yet we must all go!

I took a lot of this piece and applied it real personal-like...

And it's still going on... so I'm growing from learning more about not only my own but several other human Psyches as well. And THAT is a good growth.

Thanks for the visit, Lady K...

Spiral Dancer said...

Swan is a special human being isnt she... very very special..
and also you have a friend SCOTLAND now ok???

ALBA aka SCOTLAND ra ra ra ra

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Scotland it is! lol!
Glad I can count another...

Swan is definitely a force... very special indeed!
Too cool, the array of Folk this medium establishes...

Holly said...

I believe we may have become confused because I called Cygnus as Swan because of the play on his blog name.

Swan, the young and thoughtful commenter is another bird of a different feather and is not involved in this drama...

My apologies for what my Name Play may have caused. Both of these Swans are important. The one of this blog? Is important and wonderful and I would have him know what he need and wants and then put it out in the open for the wise one to gather it up and hold it and him very close.

Because He. Is. WORTH. It.

Bright Blessings!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Holly, my Lady, Cygnus-- that'd be me! ha!-- is doing JUST THAT for a post on this blog in the very near future... thanks for the words, the pebble in the pond...:D

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