26 April 2009

Moon's Day Meditation

Hail and Greetings, Folks! Tonight We're Going To--

Start With A DOT...

A blip. A small point in space.
A period at the end of this sentence. THAT dot.

All I want you to do is, once you have posited into your comfortable meditation state, hold a dot, and no thing but that dot, in your mind's eye. (For me the mind's eye is mid-brow, just slightly above and in front of ...)
Focus on the dot.

When it fades-- and it will! Fast at first, then less fleeting as you-- gently but firmly bring it back into 'focus'.

In through the nose, down to the belly and feet.(Still got dot?!)
Out through the mouth.
Positive LIGHT in...
Negative shadow OUT...

DOT. POINT. PERIOD. Spot-- whatever.

Focus on it.

Quit focusing so hard... relax. and hold the dot in the mind's eye.

Try to work yourself up to three minutes (hey! you ain't got a clock, do ya? Because that's cheating...).

Just the dot. just the dot.

Sit, comfortably, breathing right, and BE the dot.

What this meditation exercise does, folks, is develop CONCENTRATION.

When you go to ritual, building thought-forms and visualizing healing (or other) energies... when you need to focus on a test question at school... when some other bullshit has your mind aflutter with extraneous smatterings...


DEEP Breath, and center...and get your mind back on the issue at hand.

Try it for a week, for a few minutes every evening, or [SwanShudders] morning if that be your creative timespan.
Don't over-do it... just [gently] DO it...

It's just a dot, folks...

And it will still your mind to awaken to the Infinite Universe...

Hale and Farewell!



Anonymous said...

I meditate every day, been doing so for years, but still with varying degrees of success. Lately I've been on quite a successful run and hoping to keep it that way. My books on meditation & active meditation are tattered in a studious manner. ~Mary

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Haul and Greetings, Frank And Mary!
Always glad to see some new faces here!
I've used various forms or methods of meditation for over 24 years now-- sporadically! The 'start' of my [formal] Pagan walk saw the most consistent nightly run for me-- with TREMENDOUS success.
I hope yours continues to go well! Thanks for taking the time to comment!


SunTiger said...

My "dot" wanted to be an orb -- like a full moon. So I allowed it.

Thanks for the reminder: CARETAKE THIS MOMENT. {Breathe.}

Kraxpelax said...

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- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, who is Cygnus [not signed in] takes a cheeky moment's breath...

Thanks, Lady Cheeks!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

SunTiger-- A full moon, eh? Can't say which that does-- makes Cygnus' mind wander, or helps him concentrate! Har!
S'pose it'd depend on viewing angle...


Thanks, Tigress!