07 April 2009

Magical Daily Routine

Going Where The Dusty Go...

So I am sweeping the floor of my work area in a regular mindless (e.g. daydreaming) fashion when the act turns itself into a Magical exercise of sorts.

I'm suddenly made Mindful ( see also zazen) of the broom moving across the floor, ant the particular muscular motion called on to do so.
I suddenly remember telling a friend that I wanted to learn to draw.

The two meshed, and became the Moment, nothing but the Drawing of the Floor.

And Sunburst patterns appear in the insulation-thick dustvanes left on the inanimate concrete.

And I'm dancing the dustvanes, counter-clockwise, as I envision all of life's buildup of negative frustrations and anxieties of late get swept away like so many shards of fiberglass.

It's all so beautiful in the end.

And easy, too.


Health and farewell!



And so the two as lovers mesh
Then one becomes the others flesh
A touch A kiss A cry of passion
Instinctive movement Pure reaction

Often thought of; Fantasized
Reflected in the others eyes
What you give from deep inside
To all others before denied

Nothing ventured Nothing gained
Risk not then no love's obtained
So open up your heart and soul
Your mind relinquishes control

As dangerous as it may sound
The only way that Love is found
And knowing when the search is through
Is watching ONE made out of two

jMc aka...

(and I know the meter SUCKS anaconda penises on this one. It'll be ok.
Someday. jmc)


Sidhe said...

I dunno, Cy - it scanned beautifully. I liked the meter, and I liked the very controlled use of verse.

Anaconda cock, huh? *Blahahaha*

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Well, the snake is big...


Sidhe said...


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I LMAO as I typed it, too...
Glad someone else is On Par...
Or putting for birdie.
Hey, wait.. a swan is a bir