03 April 2009


So might you be,
Brown Beauty,
Who perchance hath looked my way

The one who makes
my breast swell
red, and bode my black eyes stray?

My Dreams Will Tell;
I'll Find You
There. Your walls were never thin;

I simply sat
inside; you
Know. Just waiting for your grin...


Tangboke.cn said...


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DarklyFey said...


SunTiger said...

When breasts swell red -- doesn't that mean you caught a nasty rash?

You are now tagged. You must now blog at least 3 suggestions for saving money. It’s not because we all have LESS money than we did two years ago. We just all want to save money where it doesn’t hurt so we can SPEND more cash -- or donate it – on much more worthwhile projects and experiences.
Ideas can range from using half as much toothpaste and just see if your teeth don’t remain just as pearly white as before to saving cash by shopping for coffee on Amazon. We don’t care WHAT your three ideas for money-saving is all about (just that you share it).

Brightest blessings. Look forward to reading your “save money” content soon.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Darkly, my dar(ling)k Lady...

So only two know the source?

:D(Grins bigger...)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Yes Ma'am, Sun Tigress, and nipple burn ain't nothing pretty. All us surfers suffer it, but shigata ga nai, neh? Gotta surf...

Three money-saving ideas, eh?

You got it, Kitty! We'll get the post up this weekend.

Um, points for creativity?!?


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Coming to see you, Tangboke!

Thanks for stopping by...