18 July 2010

It'd Be Bigger, But...

I Can Only Take Credit For The Yellow Tomato!

I can claim some small braggadocia (and gained a large bit of oral satisfaction) from what you're looking upon. [No, it's neither exibitionist nor voyeurism I hae in mind's eye, ye pervie! HA!!!] I mean, the yellow beast be of me garden...

and the blueberries fresh-picked from a neighbor-lady the very day they were consumed!
[Actually, Flower picked enough to

  • get full before the collection basket
  • eat fresh all day and night
  • freeze, whole, better than eight cups!!!]
It was a great meal, folks, made all the better by the amount of "free" stuffs thereon. In years to come, the lettuce will be mine and the meat hunted or raised-- vineson or rabbit, repectively.

Prep on, friends!!!




Sissy said...

Mmmyum, I am starving just lusting for that sandwich. and those blueberries I can taste. I didn't get any this summer and will suffer come snow time :>(

I'm liking your blog; I really am.

The series of pictures are purely magical ... but what are they of?

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

the pictures below are of a water fountain in a park not far from where we live... kids can run and play there, get wet. Adults, too ! HA!
Thanks for your intrest, Sissy!!