06 July 2010

Ever Just Wanna Musical Night?

Cooking Dinner...

I selected five cd's, somewhat randomly:
Momentary Prophets
Spiral Rhythm
The Cheiftains

Took over the taco beef, commenced to lending ear.

Then voice...

I used to sit Sunday nights in prison out on my bunk, other 110 clowns blocked out of my mind by headphones piping in NPR-- first Fiona Richie's Thistle and Seamroc, then World Music with ... hell, I won't even try to spell it! ha! Point is, it was a Musical Journey night, a time when it was okay to recognise music as one of the major Keys To The Universe and ride it's currents to soar above the towers and razor wire and horses in the fields where you weren't free to run...

Tonight I sit free. Tonight is another musical freedom night-- a continuation; an extension. I've needed more Key in my life of late, and am getting as much live these days [drumming now on near a daily basis, feeling the floodplains slowly inundate...] as through the electrical push-button.

I am also privy to Nature's Bountiful Choir... but, that's another story!

Slainte, folks!



Cinner said...

Just stopping in to say hi, have not visited for awhile, musical freedom night, I like that, I think I need one. take care my friend.

spottedwolf said...

Same as Cin dude........how's everything down yonder ?