25 January 2010

To Be Or Not To Be?

[Yes, my both-blogs readers, this is a two-fer. I'd apologize, but... why be insincere?!?]

IS That The Question?

According to the peas, not really...

Not too soon to be planted, that is. A mite tough to see from this picture

but there are ten peas a-peain' down here.

These went in the clay about ten or so days ago, by some stairwork that'll provide a great natural trellis.

A week or so later the tiller were borrowed, and new beds laid and hoed. [Quit! I gots pictures!! Hey, I'll plow 'em all over the yard if'n I so choose!! You know I will...]

From the new bed's perspective, though, certainty is a bit more, ah... Schrodinger.

Here're the rows before it was a dark and stormy night:

Then came the rains

and washed the rows away. Thus the row-row-row-your-boat look apres.

I won't yet cop to spreading seed too early. I did hope to see some leafy veggie sprouts by now, but I dinna expect two nights' worth of swimming pool fill pouring from the heavens. The seed may be a bit more sporadically spread, but they're watered in well, and we've got a few days of soil-warming sunshine on the way. I mean, worst case scenario, I harvest instant mix-- no need to toss the salad! har!!

Okay, folk, I done given you enough imagery for the night.

If not, well, spanx or no, come on over! I gots plenty o' seed and bed-space!!! HARARARRR!!!

Slainte, friends!



Shadow said...

oh you're a nutter, heee heee heeee. i'm sure you'll have those peas growing eventually...

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Thanx, Lady Shadow. Warmer weather will definitely help. The beds heat up, and all, y'ken...;D
Thanks for swinging by today!

Anonymous said...

Gardens are relaxing to plant and it's a miracle when they grow, put the weather really controls them.
Speading your seed...what do you mean by that?