22 August 2009


A Welling Hope

So many high rises reach up to block the
smog-choked sky that they cannot be
counted from this vantage.

The pall of gray stretches on as far as do the buildings.
An occasional charcoal-yellow light bleeds feebly from
slate windows.

Cement and asphalt, weather-worn, blend,
barely discernible; only a chipped curb
it's rise minuscule by the surrounding edificae
provides a formless division. Cracks scurry along the sidewalk like
asymmetrical spider webs.

And here, in brilliant defiance of
the oppressive environmental pallor
from a broken-legged arachnid-looking weed in
a tiny crack on a bleak sidewalk
springs forth a flower...

jMc aka Cygnus

Slailnte, folks.



Kyddryn said...

Life will find a way..and in the smallest of weeds is still Nature's might. Hope truly does spring eternal.

Lovely, Sir.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Felinae said...

Very nice, Cygnus.


Not The Rockefellers said...

Dandelions are staunch characters!
And I just love them to bits :)

Peace - Rene

Sylvia said...

Very, very beautiful. I'm so fascinated when I see that, that I want to protect those little fighters with my life!

cinner said...

Cygnus that is beautiful, you described it so well. I am impressed!. Hope you are well my friend.Take care.

cinner said...

Cygnus I was so impressed I had to stay awhile and hope the sun shines soon for you, Your poetry is beautiful. Later

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

WOW!! Thank you very much, cinner!

Believe me, Lady, the sunshine in my life is INTENSE right now-- meta- and physically! LOL!

Slainte, Lady!

Thank you very much for the reflections, everyone else...