30 June 2010

Whoa!! Where Did The Time Go???

I Didn't Realise It'd Been So Long Since Posting Here!

Well, I just returned from a ten-day camping trip/ Summer Solstice Festival out at the magickal land of Wisteria. I'll no doubt be posting extensively in the days to come about Wisteria itself, of the new friends and friendships-- and more-- that were born of the journey, and some of the wonderous music that captured and accompanied me on the ride.

To that end, I would like to lay gratious thanks to the members of the group SPIRAL RHYTHMS. I was able to attend the event by posing as genuine roadie, occasional cabana boy (sans cabana, but hey... it's magical. IMAGINE it!!!), and overall gopher-- er, gofer, or whatever they call indentured servitude these days and ages... but, I digress...

Spiral Rhythms played three different sets at the Wisteria Summer Solstice celebration. The following video was shot during their 'laid-back' set, whence they take audience requests. A young man requested "PELE RISING", and then proceeded to do a beautiful dance...

I'd left my primary video camera back @ camp, but shot this with my primary photo camera.

I hope you folks enjoy, and will come back to hear and see more about the trip and other things swan-spiring. In the interim, please explore the music of the following folks:

Momentary Prophets-- my favorite 'new' find this year!!!

Kenny Kline-- great Celtic Folk man!!!

Incus-- truly a journey...

Slainte, folks!


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Sarah said...

Hi hon...wow that sounds heavenly!! I could use a week away..I really could!
Congrats to you- WHOOT...I was 43 when I had Nonni...huge massive blessing for me... I think the fear sets in later..is pointless really..life experience I guess.. but it gave me the kick in the butt I needed to work through the fear!!
Blessings hon, Sarah