02 March 2010

Mother Earth Magic

& Aspects Of The [A] Green [-Thumbed! ha!] God

I missed opportunity yesterday to post about 3-1-1682 being the day three women were arrested in Salem, Massachusetts, on charges of witchcraft. I did, though, pause several times during the day and think just how far we've come since then. 1950 saw England repeal their anti-witchcraft "laws", and in 1986 the U.S Supreme Court declared Paganism-- Wicca, specifically-- to have protection/recognition under the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Near all of my practice these days stems along very practical magic-- most notably my love of gardening.

Now, you may or may not think anything "magical" about it at all; I can't help but see the entire process, from sprouting seeds to planting & tending to harvest and feeding myself

as an act of the greatest practicality and Magic.

As hunter-gatherers we relied on what the Earth Mother provided. We still do. Though our hand is much more active in the process-- having learned the valuable gifts of animal husbandry and seed propagation-- the bounty still stems from Her.

Growing even a tiny portion of my own food allows me to take a deeper part in, and makes me much more appreciative of, the Circle of Life and Death. I try to reflect this with my meal blessing:

Panta Rhei-- nothing is static
As my physical body will one day return to the Earth Mother to nourish the Plants and Animals,
So might these in turn nourish me, that I may continue my Great Work
Ouden Menei--everything is cyclic

I say this silently at each meal, consciously noting what is in front of me, the plant or animal of providence. My spelling of the Greek may be off here, and my translation of the phrase not exact, but my intent with recitation is as pure and sincere as can be.

Give thanks that we're able to openly walk our Path(s), and participate joyfully, my friends, whatever your 'religion'.

Have a great day, folks; see ya again soon.




Shadow said...

such a natural progression... see ya!

SeeThroughGreen said...

everything in life is magical if only we know where to look... and your garden and pictures of sprouts only draw attention to it. Who cant be impressed by a little seed turning into a huge plant...I know I am!
Happy Spring!

Momlady said...

I await the warmth of spring so your garden may grow.

Sylvia said...

You're right, of course. Seedind and harvesting is being part of the great magic of mother nature. I don't know much about religion, but I grew in a farm and I always had a great reverence for the whole process. Trees will be blooming soon. The swallows are already arriving. Happy Spring!

laughingwolf said...

ah yes, and so mote it be, bro mac! :)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

So Mote It Be indeed, brother laughingwolf!

Sylvia... the daffodils along our woodline are shooting, and if I inspect closely, a treebranch or two is blooming baby buds... A farm upbringing certainly gives one a firm, real-life education. Slainte, Lady!

Momlady-- and so we may eat, and fish, and clean, and... HA!!! Thanks for the energy...

SeeThroughGreen... it is a beauty to behold; quite the miracle-- OF LIFE. Thanks!

Shadow-- quite so, indeed!

Happy upcoming Spring to all of you folks, and thanks so much for commenting and participating.

Haelth [Slainte!] and Vigor to you all!