08 February 2010

Uppdate: Jackson = 'Flash'

I was on my merry way down the rue today, and lowen b. hauld [IT'S A MIRACLE!!! I CAN SEE!!] who do I spot walking, against traffic-- on leash, human in tow-- but our newest buddy: Hungry Jack!!!

Well, of course I had to stop the van, roll down the window, and say "Hello, Buddy!!!"

The human looked @ me as if I were in another world... and I was: Jackson was safe!

He gives my hand a kiss...

I asked her-- the human-- his name, explaining mine of him.

"Flash", she answered.

We conversed for a few. I dunna know, nor could repeat, the exact words exchanged. I just drove away, fists pumping to the heavens, thankful that Flash was safe and well-cared for.

Seems the morn he showed up @ my stairs, he'd been to the vet for some shots. His link to the chain run was... not so securedly snappy, shall we say! Ha! The walking fleamale whined of his disappearance upon Alpha-House's return. Alpha looked out back... and there Flash lay, cool day's trek under collar...

I canna tell you the joy, folks... for an hour or more of my drive I was near [HA! near, my arse, Swanboi!!! You was a-cryin' again!!!] tears, just thankful the puppy had found home-- found HIS home-- and had happily returned...

Je comprends, folks; je comprends.

May you all have, on the other end, someone who cares...

Slainte, folks!!!


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Livia Indica said...

Always good to hear a happy ending!