12 February 2010

Because Four Seasons Are New To Me

I lived most of my adult life in Texas, where we had, essentially, two seasons: Ca va, and hotter-than-hades.

When I started looking for property upon which to pursue my gardening/self-sustainability dreams, I looked a bit farther north, because I wanted not only the experience of Four Seasons, but somewhere that would support cold-needing orchard, berry, and brassica plants.

I'm not in Missouri, where 2.2 acres near the Mark Twain Natn'l Forest await me and my treehouse [hey, it's MY fantasy, right?!], but...

I'm glad to be currently somewhere that shows the beauty of the Cycle...

Slainte, folks... Cygnus


Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

gavgams said...

Good luck and may the road rise for you or such like.

I read Barbara Kinsolver's "Animal Vege Miracle " last year and she atarts with moving interstate.. out of Arizona to the Appalachian area.. the place i basically desertifying.. just like here, although this spring / summer so far had been a good yr (ie not even a wet one by the old rule).
Anyway, that's why I'm a climate activist