06 December 2009

Turning 100

I Noticed...

The next post will be the triple-digit Premiere for Pagan Swan [yes, the title is, and has always been, a play on words].


Well, maybe I should proffer the song that has been in my mind since the truckamping daze, and seems to pretty much sum up what I think about you caring how I roll, yo...

I'm not saying societal standing is not important... Well, okay-- I AM.

Why the hell we aren't all pursuing the soul-dream we are here to pursue is oft beyond me-- especially when I am guilty of not doing it myself, those hours I trade labor for green paper to do societal taxation things like insurance with... in other words when I'm working and wondering why the waste of life for existence.

I will be soon, folks-- pursuing Soul Dreams.

I'll be called silly. I'll be labeled irresponsible. A slacker; a DREAMER, even! [How DARE he!!]

But... I have learned to check that smarmy, oft-stupid logical-but-denying vocce of my own subconscious. That one that stops the majority of adulthood from achieving perfect bliss of dreampursuit.

Why did YOU let go? And, more importantly, why are you still clinging to the ground???

Slainte, folks.



Felinae said...

Well, Happy 100th Post.

Good luck with your endeavors, Cygnus.
May all your hopes/dreams flourish for you.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I absolutely LOVE the profile photo, Kitten!

Thank you, my friend.

Ohana, and slainte!


Kyddryn said...

I could say I cling because of fear...and it would be true. Or pragmatism. Equally true.

Or I could say I've spent much of this year letting go of certainty because it wasn't the life that I need to nourish my soul, my Self...and that would be true, too.

I'm looking forward and I see a new life approaching...one I may not be entirely ready for, but that I welcome with a smile, because it is the life I want, the life I need, to live.

Pursuing your dreams, Sir...I don't see that as a waste...I see it as a thing to be envied, admired...as I've admired everyone who dared to think, to do, to be outside the box, outside the definition of who society thinks it has a right to define them to be.

Happy 100, Sir...I look forward to the next century!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Kraxpelax said...


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Shadow said...

damned if i know, but i haven't stopped dreaming...

Anonymous said...

I say "Go For It" !!! I like you have been dealing with the feelings of letting go and with one thing at a time I am accomplishing just that.

Have a blessed Yule.