13 September 2009

Minuteae Views...



Sunflower Spider, apparently. Let her be.




Kyddryn said...

She's a pretty little thing!! You've got some good eyes Sir, to spot the wee lady!

Who's that other fella there, the brown one in the first shot? I like his stripe...

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who very much enjoys your garden photos, Sir)

Felinae said...

Very nice pictures, but then the Eden shots usually are. ;D

Leave it to me to notice the yellow spider matches the yellow flower in the background. :D

Have a great evening!


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Lady K--

Better eyes than mine, apparently those big green Jewels... I never saw the RapBug [you know-- of "Back that ass up" fame?]

Those were dioing a mating fight tonight on the flower. Camera was busy downloading inside... amybe video next time-- I sure would liked to have shot some...

Slainte, Lady.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Why, My friend Lady Felinae!

I thank you so much, Lady !

Wish I could have gotten closer-- but I'm still learning withthe the camera, so...

I'll get in there.

A life-long goal, Lady Felinae-- I swear I will! ha!



Not The Rockefellers said...

When I first peeped my tired eyes onto the screen I thoughts thay wuz baby birds on yer sunflower, Sir...

The Spider looks like a little kernel of corn.

Cute as a button!

Peace - Rene

Shadow said...

okay, if you say so...

The pale observer said...

Hi Cygnus - great name, great blog, great pics!!! Glad to have stumbled across your blog. And particularly loved your header pic.

Keep it up!

Holli in Ghana

Anonymous said...

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