30 March 2009

Three times Three things about me...

Hail and Greetings!
I am Cygnus; Swans who were Children of a God were my forebears.
A Swan Stands Guarding Proper my paternal family crest.
The Name that chose me is of the Cygni...

As introduction, I offer you the following Three times Three... things

In the words of the immortal George Carlin: "[I] am unique. Just like every body else."
None of us is capable of being known or described by nine words, or even concepts.
But maybe I can reveal a bit through my choice of words chosen to paint the image...

2. Pagan
I want to stress that aspect of Cygnus a bit more here...

3. Still an Inner Child
Don't know-- just likes the sound of it!!!

A) Priori: moving to the Land
I'm PAGAN. I have things to do. Gardens to grow. Foods to eat.
A family to raise.
And three to provide for, counting my elder generations...

B) 'Cause and Effect
My belief in Karma. Magic. Will.
Not so much a three-fold return; I'll grant you one-for-one.
Seems more the way the Universe Balances.
More to come...

C) ooking
er, Cooking. I Love to do it. Ties in with:

Third: Garden attempt in two years. (The other two weren't neglected, but started and not harvested by me because of two re-locations.)

I'm attempting to raise some of my own food here in the big H.
Kind of a magic, ain't it? And worthy of reverence, and a healthy way many times over (nutritional gain, exercise) to invest time caring for and connecting with Gaia, the Earth Mother's Life Force, and watching it manifest...

Second: Blog.
Found a fun voice elsewhere.
Looking to express another here. More Pagan and Magic.
Sense a recurring theme?

First: Post Here.
Be curious to hear how you found me. No advertising elsewhere.
Cool Sphere:D

Health and Fairwell!!!



SunTiger said...

I've met another man who loved to cook once. He too was married. (It should be a prerequisite for matrimony, I say now that I'm very tired of being the sole cook for way too many years).

What are you growing in your garden? {(Is it legal???)}

I already have Mescalin lettuce growing indoors . .. LOVE THAT STUFF! It's multiple flavored lettuce that grows in different colors and shapes. Some of it tastes like onion. Most of it boasts to various spicy degrees but some of it tastes like regular Romaine. With Mescalin, you could eat nothing but lettuce and feel like you had a full flavored fresh salad.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Only lettuce I have out there is bib lettuce and some fresh spinach.
Green Beans
Banana Peppers
Serrano Peppers
red beans

I think that's it. So far.

Though given the recent weeding forays, certain strains' seeds needs quit being dispensed into the compost pile...

DarklyFey said...

I am *so* excited about this blog. Why didn't you TELL ME you set it up?


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Ancient Chinese Secret...