31 March 2009


Hail and Greetings!

In all it's sundry spellings-- Magick, Magik, et cetera-- it is the most elusive and paradoxically the most blatantly obvious functioning element in Paganism. [Well, in christianity's prayer, too; difference being the latter place the responsibility to Will the request to be altogether on the outside Deity, thus lack achieving full potential by removing the Self as an important catalyst...]

Often hard for me to differentiate magic from every-day existence sometime: seeing the moon waxing or waning in the daytime (or night) sky and getting an immediate Real-Time mental image of the locations in space of the Sun, the Moon, and our Earth.

Seeing the Isle so clearly, being no where else except facing the Moon through the Stone Pillars. Feeling the Sand beneath my tucked legs. Hearing the insects. The wind in the palms. The background hum of the Ocean as She makes her surface tide to follow the Moon's lead...
Magic (of meditation, the only place the Isle above exists...).

Then there's Ritual-- you know, going through the Ritual of the Pentagram; your solo or Coven's (or Hearth's or Grove or...) Seasonal Ritual, either traditional or new-made.

And Symbolism. The way the Seasons and Energies and maybe Goddesses and such communicate their true multi-leveled meaning and nature to us. Through meditation, or revelation, or observation.

Energy in motion.


Health and Fairwell!



DarklyFey said...

I went for a walk today in the beautiful spring air. Saw a robin and stopped to watch it for a while. Found a fir cone with three little bits of evergreen attached. Felt like a gift, so I brought it home.

My magic is like that. Quiet. Noticing. Giving thanks through attention. Openness. Not a lot of fanfare or high holy muckety muck. Muckety muck just doesn't suit me.

Sounds like we're kith and kin. :)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

So, my Darkly friend, you found me...
Tried to hide this project until I gave it a bit more wings-- or legs, whichever it seems to need--


Was gonna invite you over soon, anyhow; I remember you saying you hadn't done any poetry in a while.. Another place we're kith(ing? um-- nope. seems i daydream...) I wanna see yours!

C'mon, now! You can see mines!!!

Ok seriously-- glad you found the other me.
Now help me develop it!!!

Whaddya wanna see herein? What seems to be lacking elsewhere we needs give force to?

C'mon, motivationaLady! Help Us!


DarklyFey said...

You overestimate my powers! But, I forgive you, since said overestimation is highly flattering. ;) You are making me think in poetry, so some might just come as a result. One never knows!

You're a big ol' surprise, you are. Like sweet, hard candy with a bit of hot pepper tucked in the middle.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Don't ever underestimate your power, Lady. T'is a worse transgression than Pride, I assure you...

And you sure know how to talk to a Texas Boy-- all hard-candy/ Hot-pepper like...

I Ain't no suprise, sweetie. You called it...:P

Thanks, Darkl(ovel)y...