20 October 2016

Walking The Path

Hale and Greetings, folks!

Been a good while since I signed in on this page; I only recently posted on My Song, vowing to get back to the writing after near seven years of hiatus. Honestly the writing continued, though different in different formats, as living the Pagan life replaced writing about it. Walking the talk, we call it; Paganism infuses every aspect of our being. Walk in to the house-- or pull in the driveway, and if you don't Know we're Pagan, you soon will, even if  you're as observant as the average muggle.

  Many who read me those years ago, blogging from Houston, Tx., know it was THIS very blog that brought me to the peach Tree state of Georgia on Yule 2009. Continuing to write from Casa de Crazie, as well as garden, I planted seed in more than just the vegetable beds, and January 2011 saw little Biskit born to Kyddryn and I. (OK, granted, K did all the majority of the work, my sowing taking all of a few minutes ;D)

 The prior Summer Solstice festival Wisteria also saw polyamory become more than just the theoretical blog-words for me, K and a lady we'll call Momma Ra. Those seas have been everything an ocean of love and life can throw at one from the beginning, occasionally calm but mostly ...well, suffice it to say that the Ocean is a good analogy. (Swan here, remember?) The rewards have so far far outweighed the negatives; it is those I'd like to focus on this morning.

 Saoirse... the Irish Gaelic word for 'Freedom'. A true force of nature, Biskit takes after both Flower and Cygnus equally while being 100% her own entity. Recently she and I have taken to hiking the woods aback Casa, un-schooling every inch of the way.

 First thing Biskit needed was a good walking stick, like Papa. Leaf-fall covers holes left by root of trees returned to the Mother, and the stick from one of those very trees helps keep ankles intact, balance up and down graded terrain, clear thorny bush and cobweb from route and eyes-- the number of practical uses is limited only by what one does with them.

 Second... well heck, there's path-finding. These woods are like Frost's-- "lovely, dark and deep". It'll be many a year before she's allowed to venture in alone past sight of the house (in fact, the current law is NO ENTERING THE WOODS, PERIOD, WITHOUT AN ADULT); however lore of the Water Tree, one of the first recognizable prominent markers, leads way to-- you guessed it! Getting wet entered in to the number of things to do as a waterfall was destination before way led on to way...

 The list-- and pictures-- can, does and will go on as long as the trips do. So far two under her belt, with a third coming in the next few days knowing her persistent penchant to live up to her name and Nature. In the interim, I have duties outside the house and grounds that require my presence, so I'll say here hail and farewell, and merry may we soon meet again!  Thanks for stopping by. Not so long an hiatus 'till the next post, I ken...

Slainte, folks!          

Cygnus           (aka SillySwan)


Holly said...

Welcome Home, Swan. You have never been far from the thoughts of those who love you. But, how blessed to be able to share a day with you.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...