18 February 2011

Chief GreenBud

Some GREAT Points!

One of my Facebook acquaintances shared this link; it sent me on a cool pot-parody musical journey!!!

Even with the arrival of Sprout-- new daughter here at Casa de Crazies-- I'm gearing towards much more blogging, both HERE, where I'll be delving into the polyamorous relationship which came to be for me, Flower, and Lady Green (and her J...), AND at My Song, where the 'new family' stuff will go down. Oh, I'll post a picture or three of daddy's l'il pagan princess from time to time on PagansWan, especially when I get some of Saoirse in Godmother Ra's arms!-- but I'm also wont to spend more time on the 'alternatives' aspects of this blog-- the Pagan, the Poly... the Parenting! lol! Guess they really never will be stand-alones! [Not if I'm doing my job, anyways! ha!]

ANYHOW...More soon, folks! Hope you enjoy the video, and enjoy following the leads therein!!!



p.s. Tried to link to Flower aka Shade and Sweetwater, and My Song, but having issues /w blogger/explorer communicati...