07 March 2014

On Life and Liberty

It has been said you have but one life to give.
Who do you give yours to-- Gods, Country, Family?

My gods, what a question.

My Gods...

My Goddess, more like I've come to discover in my near 47-year jaunt. My spiritual avocation is gardening, being a Green Man; my physical application is best invested tending Gaia.

My Country

Homo sapiens sapiens tend to be territorial, atop the evolutionary tree though we may be. National Pride and the boundaries that ensue-- lines on a map defining racial, cultural, spiritual and myriad other values-- define countries-- family  inside yet separate from Family [gaia]. Where else would I practice my spiritual avocation but among those of like mind?

My Family

Further the microcosm  down to the Prime Objective. My family-- chosen mate[s]* and our progeny. The atom inside the Galaxy...
I grow my gardens to feed my family-- Bird, Biskit, Flower and me. I do this in my micro-country-- our yard.
Flower and I broke the grass at Casa des Crazies together, by hand, transferring to yard a muddy patch along the drive and simultaneously created a  raised garden bed. We added 3 more beds (one each year) by composting-- leaves, grass clippings, and any unconsumed foods excluding meat and dairy. Flower planted a strawberry patch under the mailbox trellis, and year by year she is our Mother-plant, producing fruits and shoots alike in abundance.
Flower and I procreated on this ground-- in our home on our yard in this country on this planet gaia.

I have but one life to give [this Round-- but that's another post altogether]. As long as I'm free I will exercise the Liberty to give it to family.

To some who read this it will seem babble.
To me who has earned, given and suffered loss of FREEDOM, it simply and steadfastly means I will tend my Flowers, make my Biskits and feed my Birds while I have the Liberty.

Slainte, folks.


*mate[s] see POLYAMORY