06 November 2011

All Wet Behind Ear!

Slainte, folks. Been a while.

I've been wanting to get back on blogger for a few months now, but the writing I refuse to force. Some will come, as I have this polyamorous thing taking a lot of thought-time, and many of those likely will find their way to text. But not just yet, the writing I mean.


Not coincidentally, I'm sure (as I don't so much believe in it by definition), I had the following tune bridging my unconscious-conscious mind during Morning Shower, and a l'il led lit above my gray matter...

I've got some pondering to do before Green Rose [my Ohio girl] wakes up. And will continue to work out this new possibilities' dynamics with Kyddryn.

WOW, what a circle. . .

Slainte, folks.